The formative pruning of a tree starts in the nursery, and can continue all the way through to maturity. In the early years of a tree's life is the time to prune for the desired shape for maturity. We would be looking for a good strong "leader" and a sound branch system to be created, providing a good, balanced appearance.

As the tree progresses through its life, pruning continues to be necessary, with larger and heavier branches needing to be shortened or removed. At this stage, Crown Lifting and Crown Reductions are normally carried out.

Some tree species are particularly prone to "bleeding", which while not necessarily harmful, can be unsightly. Birch,  Hornbeam, Laburnum, Lime, Magnolia, Maple, Mulberry, Poplar,  Sophora and Walnut are the most affected, and the affect can be minimised by pruning at specific times of year - definitely not in the Spring! At Peninsula Tree Services, we would follow the guidelines on the timing of pruning provided by the Royal Horticultural Society.