There are occasions when complete tree removal is required. This is very much a last resort, but sometimes due to the condition of a tree and the likelyhood of danger to persons or property it must be done.

Other reasons could be for infection avoidance and conservation - if a tree is suffering from a transmittable disease, it may be better to remove it for the benefit of other trees in the vicinity.Alternatively it could be in the way of a development and subject of a Planning Application or it has simply grown too big for its surroundings (we would normally hope to be called before a tree becomes a problem so it can be reduced in size, but so often a tree gets overlooked until one day you realise there is no light in a room or garden!).

In most domestic locations, it is rare to be able to do a "straight fell" of a tree due to the proximity of buildings / fences / etc, so "sectional felling" or "dismantling" operations are performed. A sectional fell involves a highly trained and experienced Tree Surgeon climbing the tree with the use of ropes and a harness and then either using the "cut and throw" method to get branches to the ground, or for larger limbs, lowering lines and pulleys would be used. This method guarantees the controlled descent of limbs, and is the method used on all occasions where there is potential for damage.

In Forest / Woodland / open space locations, we are happy to perform "straight fells" when it is safe to do so.